BOTOX® Medical for Pain Relief

A smiling woman in a dental chairMany patients are familiar with BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments for the reduction of wrinkles and lines. However, BOTOX® injections can also be used in general dentistry as a therapeutic treatment to help patients find relief from a number of painful conditions. Dr. Damien Armstrong offers comprehensive treatment for facial pain, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, and migraines using BOTOX® Medical injections at his downtown Chattanooga, TN, practice. If you are suffering from these types of symptoms, we can review your candidacy for BOTOX® Medical injections during a personal consultation. To schedule your appointment, contact our office today.

What is BOTOX® Medical?

BOTOX® Medical is an injectable agent containing a highly diluted form of the botulinum toxin. While commonly used to revitalize the appearance of facial skin, the agent can also be used to relax muscles in order to relieve tension and pain. Since BOTOX® Medical is applied with several strategic injections, Dr. Armstrong can target precise areas to provide effective pain relief. This non-surgical procedure can typically be completed during a single one-hour appointment.

Relief for Sufferers of TMJ Disorder

The TMJs are located on both sides of the head, connecting the jawbone to the skull. These joints help to facilitate eating and speaking, so they can come under intense daily stress. If one or both of these joints becomes displaced or overworked, a person may experience severe jaw tension and headaches, as well as sharp pain around the face. These painful conditions caused by inflammation or strain to the jaw joints are classified as TMJ disorders.

Fortunately for sufferers, BOTOX® Medical can be used as a quick and effective alternative treatment for TMJ disorders. BOTOX® therapeutic injections relieve TMJ and jaw tension by preventing afflicted muscles from moving and causing strain. Additionally, many symptoms of TMJ disorder can be caused by bruxism, or teeth grinding, which often occurs involuntarily while a patient is sleeping. BOTOX® Medical injections can help to eliminate chronic headaches by relaxing the muscles that are responsible for teeth grinding.

Chronic Migraine Prevention

Patients who suffer from chronic migraines occurring more than 14 days out of the month may find relief using BOTOX® Medical. Dr. Armstrong can administer the treatment by injecting BOTOX® Medical into specific, targeted areas along the bridge of the nose, temples, forehead, back of the head, neck, and upper back. Patients will typically require additional treatments approximately every three months for the preventive measure to work optimally. Many patients have found relief from their migraines using BOTOX® Medical where other treatments have been insufficient.

What to Expect During Treatment

Before beginning treatment, we will first need to accurately diagnose the cause of your symptoms. Dr. Armstrong can evaluate your jaw and surrounding structures using advanced 3D imaging technology. By identifying the exact source of your discomfort, Dr. Armstrong can plan a series of BOTOX® injections that will specifically target the affected muscles and muscle groups. The injection process typically lasts less than a half an hour, though it can take longer depending on the size of the treatment area. Once BOTOX® Medical is administered, the treated areas will relax, releasing tension and strain that has been causing pain. Most patients will experience noticeable improvement within one or two days of their first BOTOX® Medical treatment, although more significant relief can take up to a week.

Schedule Your Visit

Treatment with BOTOX® Medical can provide lasting relief after only a single appointment. To learn more about this treatment for chronic migraines or TMJ disorder, contact River City Dentistry today.

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